Capto Golf and the Harrington Golf Academy
~ your perfect putting partners!

Capto Golf 

Lightweight, portable and easy to use in both indoor and outdoor settings. Official website here

Luca & Francesca: Founders of Capto Golf

Read more about the background of Capto and it's inventor, Luca Menci, here

Rebecca Codd: Former Ladies European Tour Pro

Here at the Harrington Golf Academy, we use Capto daily with clients.

Luca, Francesca & Tadhg Harrington

On a recent visit to Capto headquarters in Italy.

Outdoor use

The beauty of Capto is the ability to use it outdoors as it can be set up to take account of slope. Another redeeming feature is the ability to be able to get the client set up correctly with instant feedback of lie, loft and shaft.

The future of golf is here

Watch Capto in action!