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The Harrington Golf Academy was co-founded in 2014 by the Titleist Performance Institute graduate, Tadhg Harrington and 14 year Ladies European Tour Pro, Rebecca Codd. Tadhg is the brother of Ryder Cup Captain, Padraig Harrington. Our official putting partners are CaptoGolf, developed by Luca Menci. Capto share our common goal to "teach better golf through science."

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Swing Myths ~ Ground Force

Using the ground to power your swing? “Latest buzzword doing the rounds” Swing Myth this week brings you the latest buzzword doing the golfing rounds as we enter Open Championship week, “using the ground” to power your swing, (or as Matthew Wolff’s golf coach would say “eating the dirt”). We have all seen the pictures

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Swing Myths ~ putting

Three-putt king! “I just can’t seem to break 30 putts per round.” “you should always be trying to hole every putt?“ Swing Myths this week comes from the world of putting. How many times have you heard, “you should always be trying to hole every putt.” This has to be up there with some of

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Layer Cake

Rickie Ranger. “I just can’t seem to transfer my range game to the course” I had a client in with me lately who has made steady progress to the stage where she has joined a fashionable golf club in the leafy suburbs of south county Dublin. Her swing has developed to the point of needing

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Capto, the #1 putting technology is now available to purchase in Ireland through the Harrington Golf Academy. We also provide a two-hour hands-on training module.