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"Scientia potentia est"-
Knowledge is power.

Peter O'Gorman - December 2018

This is the prinicipal Tadhg bases his teaching on. Using the latest tech and cutting edge golf theory, he has empowered me to be the best golfer I can be. Tadhg genuinely cares and uniquely gets a massive kick out of getting an amateur golfer like me to realise his golf dreams. The golf journey is a long term commitment to keep learning and improving. I'm thrilled to have a world class coach like Tadhg beside me all the way!

James Ryan/ 

February 2020

I was recommended to Tadgh by a friend who plays off a very low handicap...My golf game was dreadful both short and long game...There's no quick fix with Tadgh if you and he decide to work together it's a long term relationship...But its a very rare opportunity to get coaching from the best in the business...Both on the course(which is a fantastic learning experience with Tadgh watching over you )and in his Golf Centre in Drynam which has the most up-to-date technology available...I've had umpteen lessons over the years but Tadgh and Rebecca are the real deal and a must for anyone who seriously wants to take there golf game to the next level...

Josh McCabe/

December 2020

My work with Tadgh thus far has improved my game, in all aspects, dramatically. He is a true genius of the game. Tadgh has brilliant capabilities to adapt to each and every player with their own unique differences. His use of modern day technology is fascinating. Before meeting Tadgh, I wasn’t too keen on using too much technology, but after experiencing the huge advantages of Trackman, I believe those who aren’t keeping up with the times will be left behind. I am absolutely thrilled I have the privilege of working with Tadgh and am eager to find out how good my game can be, with his expertise.

Alan Costelloe/

December 2019

Tadgh is by far the best golf coach around. His way of teaching is so simple it’s revolutionary. Through sharing his vast wealth of knowledge he compassionately guides and teaches the best techniques for the person in front of him. It’s not a one size fits all approach it’s a tailored approach. The use and application of high end technology also provides an in-depth understanding and knowledge to students. The way golf should be coached. His continued interest, commitment and communication is second to none.

John callaghan / 

January 2020

I decided to take up golf lessons. I played every now and again but always wanted to learn how to play properly,to learn more about the game and to enjoy the game more. Tadhg was very honest/straight to the point in his teachings from day one.His prompt responses via the app to my queries with the drills kept me motivated and my swing improved beyond my imagination. The classes are very informative,enjoyable with Tadhg's enthusiasm for the game.

Eoin McCormack/

April 2020

If you have a casual interest in getting a few tips to improve your golf... don’t go to the Harrington Golf Academy! On the other hand, if you are committed to really improving your golf game, then you should talk to Tadhg. You will not find a teacher who will be more committed to improving your game. The tech set up is also very impressive. So... if you really want to improve and you understand the difference between price and value, this is where to go.

Eamonn Reilly/

March 2020

Brilliant coach with a brilliant approach to teaching his students; tailors his lessons to the needs of the student very well and takes a real interest in your golf progression. Can safely say hes the best around both in terms of his knowledge; his use of technology to aid development and for his enthusiasm for the game..... goes on the journey with the golfer which i think is lacking from other coaches......

Your swing is your own, when you work with Tadhg Harrington he won't try and fit you into some arbitrary model of the swing, he works with you to improve your swing, your understanding and consequently, your golf. No other instructor (I've had plenty) is as invested in your success as Tadhg, he is genuinely not going to give you a quick tip and dismiss you, he will help you build a game you can take to any course. Access to all the tech you see on YouTube is available, coupled with explanations, understanding, patience (and some compassion when this fiendish game threatens to break your will!). We've covered all aspects of the game, putting, short game, long game, strategy and I have learnt a ton about each of these from Tadhg. Lastly, the game is Golf. It's not Golf Swing. Tadhg will help you to learn Golf like no other instructor will. There are only 5 stars here , but HGA deserve more.

October 2019

Ken O'Hanrahan

I reduced my handicap by 5 shots, won our Ladys Captains Prize and Golfer of the year!

Aisling O'Hara - June 2019

I started working with Tadgh just over a year ago. The facilities, his teaching methods and knowledge of the game is excellent. I have reduced my handicap by 5 shots, won our Ladys Captains Prize earlier in the summer and will be presented with my Golfer of the year award later this week. Highly recommend Harrington Golf Academy.

Ronan Keegan / 

August 2020

Tadhg gave me some short game lessons a few ago. Hands down the best thing I've ever done in golf. Tadhgs main aim was to reprogram how my mind saw the golf swing. I had so many bad habits, as most of us do, that Tadhgs methodology helped me to forget. That was in November 2016 when I was a 19 handicap, by September 2017 I was playing off 8. 



Excellent teacher who takes a long term interest in his pupils' progress and provides them with the advice they need to improve.

Morgan Pierce/

February 2018

Tadhg is a fantastic coach with a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the golf swing. Tadhg appreciates that a “one size fits all” approach does not work in golf. Instead, Tadhg commits to working with each golfer on THEIR golf swing and achieving THEIR goals. My golf game has gone from strength to strength as a result of Tadhg’s coaching.

Brian Doonan / 

March 2020

It is clear from the first meeting with Tadhg that he genuinely cares about his clients, their results and the journey to improvement.
The facilities, technology, teaching methods, enthusiasm and knowledge are all top level. Tadhg adopts a tailored approach for his golfers and works on the premise of a commitment to improvement while having some fun on that adventure!

Brian Meehan/

November 2020

I have been working with Rebecca here at the Harrington Golf Academy since the beginning of this year and I'm really enjoying the improvements in my swing and my overall golf game, the coaching level is excellent with a perfect mix of technology usage and good old fashioned posative and encouraging coaching. The biggest difference I've seen is there interest in improving your overall golf game and not just a quick swing fix, don't miss out on moving your golfgame up a level,

Adrian Hurley/

April 2020

Started working with Tadhg in late 2019 as I really needed to get my game back on track. Really enjoyed, and still enjoy, Tadhg's approach to the game i.e. finding the correct positions in the golf swing rather than trying to change the swing itself. Tadhg uses technology in a very user-friendly way and provides constant feedback which really makes sense. In a short space of time, my understanding of the game has increased hugely as has my consistency. Tadhg provides the opportunity to ask questions in between lessons which really helps and he provides a lot of drills that really help. Would deginitely recommend!!

Great set up at the academy led by a great coach. Not only is it fully equipped with the latest technology but more importantly behind it is a coach that is knowledable, dedicated, supportive and interested. He puts in a huge amount of time and effort behind the scenes creating a program that is individual to each golfers abilties and needs. No ''one size fits all' mentality here. I guarantee you will understand more about YOU as a golfer, you will look forward to practicing in between sessions and your next session can't come quick enough.

June 2018

Liesel Hall

If I could give 10 stars I would. A genius at teaching golf! It's not a quick fix he will 100% improve your game.

Liam McDevitt - August 2019

If I could give 10 stars I would. A genius at teaching golf! It's not a quick fix and nothing is in golf, but he will 100% improve your game. The most up to date technologically qualified dedicated teacher in the country. He has everything for long and short game. The assessment and results speak for themselves. I come out of every lesson on a high. If i play s**t there's only 1 person i would ever call. I have been to i reckon 30 pros in my time. The 30 of them should come to tadgh for lessons. Some do 😁Everything you go through on your lesson is then relayed to you on video analysis with a talk over from tadgh later that day. It's great to be able to go back over it. Tadgh is for everyone. He has everything from pro's to 26 handicappers on his books.

Gordon Steen / 

November 2018

Knowing Tadhgs commitment to excellence and his background I'd have no hesitation in recommending the Harrington Golf Academy to anyone.

Ronan O'Neill/

December 2018

One of the best set ups in Ireland. Tadgh’s committment and support to clients really shows through and my game has gone from strength to strength under his tutorial.

Derek O'brien/

February 2019

Top class facilities, coaching, customer service. Tadgh has a wealth of knowledge and can help every aspect of your golf game

Tadhg is unique in his approach. He uses a vast array of cutting edge technology in order to bring a data driven and entirely tailored approach to his teaching. He has a deep knowledge of all aspects of the game; he identifies the areas to work on and the best plan and uses technology to demonstrate progress over time. The numbers never lie! Tadhg has a superb communication style, he keeps the message simple, does not overload but he always has the longer term plan in mind. He sees each lesson as a building block towards achieving the blueprint he has in mind. Each lesson is both intense and very enjoyable and typically results in a drill to help reach the next building block; Tadhg brings huge energy and detailed focus but he also clearly expects homework to be done! In addition to the lesson, Tadhg puts in massive effort behind the scenes on video work with voiceover, identifying suitable exercise drills etc etc. Tadhg's approach is a world away from traditional coaching. At Harrington Golf, it is a proper holistic approach where Tadhg is a key partner on the journey to improvement bringing massive enthusiasm, innovation and expertise to the table. In my opinion its an incredible opportunity to have this approach available to amateurs in Ireland. Additionally, Rebecca has been teaching my kids for the last 6 months or so and is equally excellent. Rebecca and Tadhg use a very similar structured approach. Rebecca keeps lessons engaging and fun and my kids really enjoy it. Rebecca finds the perfect balance between playing golf and theory. She will typically identify one area that needs work, provide some fun drills to improve it and then only move on to the next building block once rectified. I have seen a huge improvement in both my kids games over this period and its great they get rock solid fundamentals in place at a young age. Rebecca is very knowledgeable, has amazing experience to draw on and is both enthusiastic and patient in her approach.

July 2020

Tom Stokes