We lead the way with digital interactive teaching in partnership with CoachNow, the leading online coaching platform. With CoachNow, we can upload videos of your swing to a dedicated training space, then add commentry and analysis.

You can also comment, respond, and upload your own videos or questions. Life is busy and on the go. With CoachNow, your training program is always at hand so you can squeeze in ten minutes of practice, whether at the office or at home.

"State of the art digital technology including the full TrackMan 4 simulator experience"

We welcome and embrace change - innovative teaching from the Titleist Performance Institute combined with industry leading technology.

Dream no more! State of the art, TruGolf E6, four and a half metre wide simulator is now a reality in Ireland.

All the tracking capabilities of the Tour proven "Trackman" technology with the added bonus of 87 of the worlds leading courses pre installed for your Saturday fourball!

Rain never stops play at the HGA!

Next up, the ultimate biomechanical tracking system, the K-Coach. Intuitive learning for the elite and beginner golfer alike.

Audio and visual motor learning at its best. Never worry about swing patterns again, this is learning golf swing like riding a bicycle, motor patterns repeated until your internal code is rewritten.

"Your footwork is a reflection of your swing."

For the truly serious golfer comes the BODITRAK pressure mat. How the golfer loads and posts is paramount to success in golf.

Often overlooked, and rarely discussed is the role of the feet in producing a consistent and powerful swing.

We start at the ground and work UP!

Our putting area at the HGA has a state of the art indoor putting green to compliment the latest putting analytic software, the Capto putting system.

We also have SamPutt Lab. Never be in doubt again!

Not content to have one simulator system at the HGA, we have also installed Skytrak and Trackman for bag mapping and a series of skills challenges, especially in that 30 to 100 yard area that most golfers struggle with.

Get your wedges dialled in to perfection.

And finally, the TPI physical screen used by tour professionals worlwide.

Not only can we pinpoint phyiscal limitations in your swing, we can help alleviate them for good!

Nothing is left to chance here at the HGA.


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