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The Harrington Golf Academy was co-founded in 2014 by the Titleist Performance Institute graduate, Tadhg Harrington and 14 year Ladies European Tour Pro, Rebecca Codd. 
Tadhg is the brother of Ryder Cup Captain,
Padraig Harrington.

 Welcome to the low hanging fruit of golf!

There are two elements in golf that hold most players back from ever coming close to how good they could be, distance off the tee and pace putting. Failure to tackle these two elements means you are doomed to failure. With the technology available today, we can measure parameters instead of guessing and can clearly see the punctures in your game that are costing you valuble distance and mis-hit putts.

The Need for Speed

Tour stats...
 show quite clearly that the leading money winners are the guys who hit the ball the furthest, not the straightest. Yet day in and day out we see players who hit the ball nowhere. There are a number of simple strategies to help you hit the ball further, follow them and we guarantee you will increase your distance off the tee. Makes the game easier and who doesn't want to hit the ball further?

Rolling the Rock

When was the last time you played golf without a three putt? I am constantly astonished at how many players tell me they can't remember. There are two critical things holding you back from being a good pace putter, poor fundamentals & energy distribution. Yes, the often quoted mantra of start line, speed control and green reading are
 important but most players I see have never learned HOW to putt. 

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