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"Understanding the complexity of golf  in order to teach it in its simplicity."

padraig harrington ryder cup captain 2020

The Harrington Golf Academy was co-founded in 2014 by the Titleist Performance Institute graduate, Tadhg Harrington and 14 year Ladies European Tour Pro, Rebecca Codd. Tadhg is the brother of Ryder Cup Captain, Padraig Harrington.
Our core business values are (1) Empathy & Sincerity (2) Overdelivery of our Coaching Ethos (3) Honest & Realistic appraisal (4) Continuing Education & Innovation. 
Our official putting partners are CaptoGolf, developed by Luca Menci. Capto share our common goal to "teach better golf through science."

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Capto, the #1 putting technology is now available to purchase in Ireland through the Harrington Golf Academy. We also provide a two-hour hands-on training module.

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