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This Christmas give the golfer in your life the gift of knowing.

Let me guess... 
Do you know someone like this?

  • Married to a golfer who never improves?
  • They put plenty of time into their game, get lessons and go to the range?
  • They watch golf all the time, study it, are consumed by it, but...
  • they never feel in control because they don't know what the problem is.
  • You sometimes wonder why they bother?

How do you fix a problem? Know what the problem is! It's no secret that golf instruction in its present format doesn't work.
It frustrates more than it fixes.
Has that golf-mad nut you know ever gone to two different teachers and got two different lessons? 
You know what I am talking about! Too many instructors are guessing...
Everyone seems to have an opinion.

Discover the secret.

  • Give your golfer the Roadmap that will help guide them to success - the secret of knowing.
  • Empowering them to achieve their golfing goals.
  • Facts and figures, no opinions, the answers they have always wanted.
  • Powerful strategies to help them unlock their potential.
  • Help them cross the threshold from hearsay to Elysian Fields.  
  • They get to decide where they want to take their game.
  • They are in total control.

This is the first time ever in Ireland that such a radical solution has been offered to everyday club golfers. The best of everything professional golfers enjoy, the latest cutting-edge technology. Never before has so much technical equipment and expertise assembled in one location. At long last, the guesswork is taken out of your swing, the real secrets exposed, and fact is separated from fiction. Throw in the ability to work on a golf course and unfettered access to the leading club fitter in Ireland and, you have the ultimate Christmas golfing gift.

Finally, this Christmas, something that no other professional can offer the golfer in your life...the chance to work with the man that helped shape, influence and guide our three-time Major Champion, Padraig Harrington. 

Experience the latest Trackman 4 Simulator

The Finest Indoor Teaching And Diagnostic Golf Facility In Ireland

A name you can trust.

 Rebecca Codd - 14 year veteran of the Ladies European Tour, 
"if I only knew then what I know now."

  • Tadhg Harrington - worked with his brother, Padraig, on the USPGA Tour, coached on the LPGA Tour, worked at the Titleist Performance Institute in CA, USA. Presented and hosted a seminar for TPI. Highly qualified in multiple biomechanical and technology disciplines.

We offer the most comprehensive technical analysis in the Irish golf industry. Period.

A quiet revolution has been taking place in Irish golf over the last five years. The Harrington Golf Academy has garnered a loyal following built on a reputation for excellence and unwavering customer service. The results speak for themselves.

Aisling O'Hara, Edmonstown GC. 2018 Winner, Ladies Captains Prize, Golfer of the Year and first hole in one! "I started this year with the HGA and haven't looked back since; I would highly recommend them."

Ronan O'Neill, Corrstown Golf Club.
Three-time Junior Scratch Cup winner since starting at the Harrington Golf Academy. "A dream come true for me to win my first scratch cup! Thanks to the HGA!"

It's time for action!

We offer four solutions to help that golfer in your life...

Package 1 - Ninety minutes of intensive testing using our Trackman simulator and two pieces of cutting-edge technology. Full report sent to your own private training space on the HGA training App, CoachNow, which stays with you permanently. Cost €200.

Package 2 - Two hours of intensive testing using our Trackman simulator and three pieces of cutting edge technology, OR you can choose two hours of Short game testing including putting using the latest tracking and mapping software from Trackman and Capto. Again, a full report will be sent to your own private training space on the HGA training App, CoachNowCost €300.

Package 3 - Three separate testing sessions, (a) ninety minutes of indoor testing using our Trackman simulator and two pieces of cutting-edge technology. (b) Ninety minutes of outdoor testing, choose either short game or putting, and finally, (c) Sixty minutes, full bag, club testing with the HGA fitter, David Williams, at ForeGolf, Killeen Castle. Full report. 
Cost €400.

Package 4 The ultimate Christmas golfing gift for that golf nut in your life! Again, spread out over three separate testing sessions, (a) two hours of indoor testing using our Trackman simulator and three pieces of cutting edge technology, (b) Two hours of outdoor testing, both short game and putting and finally, (c) Sixty minutes, full bag, club testing with the HGA fitter, David Williams, at ForeGolf, Killeen Castle. Full report. Cost €500. 

All prices are inclusive of Vat at 23%.

Terms & Conditions apply, (1) Vouchers are available strictly for amateur club golfers only. POA for professionals or amateur golfers representing their province or country. (2) Due to public liability restrictions, applicants must be over 21 years of age. (3) We reserve the right to cancel vouchers and refund payment in full.

For the first time in Ireland, the most comprehensive array of equipment and services all in the one place. Be guided by us!

A limited number of vouchers  available 

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Unconditionally guaranteed


Full money back guarantee up to the 1st February 2019. If this service is not for you, we will refund you immediately. You have nothing to lose but your handicap!

Valid for the whole of 2019, use the service whenever it suits you.

You will receive an email containing instructions for the intended recipient on how to (a) schedule an appointment through our Scheduling App and (b) how to set up a private training space on our Coaching App. Reports on your swing are 100% safe and guaranteed. This training space stays permanently with the recipient.
Finally, there will also be a helpline in case you have any questions.

If this product is not for you, please let us take this opportunity to wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas and a fantastic golfing year in 2019.


Happy Christmas!